About Kingrip

Behind KINGRIP BRAND stand athletes, designers and manufacturers. Our aim is to provide best possible solutions for athletes who appreciate matter of grip.

All KINGRIP products are designed for achieving better performance through having better grip. Quality and utility. These two words drive our team when it comes to designing and manufacturing our equipment.

Featured Products

Our products are designed specially for athletes who appreciate matter of good grip. We know that to perform well you have to feel well and comfortable. Our line of equipment is designed to protect palm and support wrist. Everything to give you best possible feeling of comfort while working out.

  • Wrist Straps

    Wrist Straps

    Elastic wrist straps are designed to protect your wrists. Especially useful for exercises which give aligned tension for your wrists. Bench press, overhead press, hand standing, If any exercise requires palm protection you can wear extra four finger gloves.
  • Weightlifting Straps

    Weightlifting Straps

    Our weightlifting straps are made from real leather. Strong enough to support your grip during your back routine. Extra neoprene cushioning gives a comfortable feeling allowing you to focus more on exercising.
  • Grip Hooks

    Grip Hooks

    Solid and comfortable. Grip hooks are designed to assist you during your back routine and ABS as well. Do more repetitions and hang on the bar longer. Hooks are specially cushioned with neoprene to make you feel comfortable and supported.
  • Four Finger Gloves

    Four Finger Gloves

    Very portable and comfortable in using. Our gloves are made from microfibre and silicone. Perfect for any workout where protection for palm is required but you don’t need to worry about your wrist. Optionally you always can wear both of our products together. Four finger gloves and wrist straps.
  • Hand Grips

    Hand Grips

    Designed for a multi type of workouts. Weightlifting, crossfit, calisthenic, gymnastic and for the gym as well. Hand grips are made from real leather to protect your palm as best as it’s possible.

Due to holidays coming soon. International shipping will be available in the beginning of 2018. Curently our products are available only in Poland.

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